Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2008

OpenMoko on Palm Treo 650

Today I get a working rootfs for my Palm treo 650. I build it with the MokoMakefile from Openmoko project.

Thank you guys from hackndev for your help!

Here some screenshots:

Greetings, Zefanja


Mickey hat gesagt…

Good start. I wonder where the white rectangle framing the framebuffer (sic!) does from... this should be fixed in kernel.

Juan-Carlos hat gesagt…


Both Mike Sheldon and yourself report having been successful in running openmoko in treo 650 systems: Great!!!

I have spent the last week looking for documentation and compiling openmoko. I just need to achieve the final step which is actually booting it from the SD card on my treo 680.

Can you help me (- actually many of us :) -) out by outlining the steps you followed to get openmoko up and running on your treo 650, please. Danke viel Mals.

zefanja hat gesagt…

Hi...look at the comments i wrote, when i run Openmoko on my Palm TX: